*Disclaimer Alert*

Starting at 200$. The Animation service is an addition to the 3D rendering service. If purchased alone, price will vary. 


Please note that some project are more complex and it will affect the price.


    Same as the rendering service, the animation service helps understand the design and the direction of the project. In addition, being able to see your project in movement provides a clearer and more precise comprehension of the complete environment. It's a crucial addition to medium and big size projects as it is important to be informed of all the details and how it will look, not only the design itself, but the design in the actual environment. 


    The price of this service for a basic project, generaly vary between 200-1300$ depending on multiple factors:

    - Quantity

    - Animation lenght

    -Environment; Exterior or interior


    - Existing 3D model, unfinished 3D model, complete 3D model needed

    - Level of details and precisions

    - Design complexity



    *Prices indicated above are for information purposes only.