Exterior Design

Exterior Design

*Disclaimer Alert*

For a full exterior design service,  we charge an hourly rate of 40$/hours. 


Pricing available on our site are for information purposes only. Price will vary from a project to another and might cost lower of higher than indicated.


    Exterior house design is not something to take for granted, it needs time and knowledge. The impact of a good design on the exterior is tremendous and, because it's something that you can not change so easily, making sure to get it right the first time, is very important. That's why we're here for you. Contact us now for more information!


    We have all kind of clients and because we know that each one of you is unique, we offer personalization just for you!

    Pricing variation:

    - Conceptual

    - Budgetisation

    - Material, choices & suppliers

    - Lighting

    - Modeling

    - Rendering