Interior Design

Interior Design

*Disclaimer Alert*

For a full Interior design service,  we charge an hourly rate of 40$/hours. 


Pricing available on our site are for information purposes only. Price will vary from a project to another and might cost lower of higher than indicated.


    Interior design can be an overwhelming task, and it's normal. You may want to get a helping hand but still want to be in charge of your project. On the other hand, some prefer that everything is being taken care of, and all they have to do is approve. Here at Opacite Zero Design, you can choose whatever pleases you the most. Contact us now for more information!


    We have all kind of clients and because we know that each one of you is unique, we offer personalization just for you!

    Pricing variation:

    - Conceptual

    - Budgetisation

    - Material, equipments, choices & suppliers

    - Lighting

    - Modeling

    - Rendering