Each project is unique, that's why you can personalize your package so it SUITs

your exact needs...     HOW AWESOME

Interior design

3D modeling

3D renderings

Graphic design

Business cards


Online banners

2D/ 3D illustrations

Wedding/engagement virtual

and printed  invitation cards


Document Design


Retouching pictures 

Content corrections

Colors and tons corrections



Please contact us for any other requests



*Everything can be done in French or/and English

**Translations services are available



Technical 2D/3D drawings

(personalized furniture/accessory)

3D object modeling

Furniture, accessory and material selection

Furniture, accessory and material specification

Drawing documentations: Plans/ Zoning/ Sections/ Details



Space planning

Lighting selection

 Wall finish selection

Flooring and ceiling covering selection

Budget estimation



3D detailed and precise space modeling

3D renderings/ photorealistic perspectives




Space visualizations

Interior photography


Please contact us for any other requests


If you're not sure what are your needs, contact us and explain your project.

we'll come to you shortly after and share the possibilities

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